Port Andratx Villa Shortlisted for Worlds Best Villa Award


Really pleased to see this stunning villa shortlisted, along with 13 other properties, for best villa at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2017.

Product of the Gras Arquitectos studio, led by Guillermo Reynés, this stunning property, “Where Eages Dare” is located in Port Andratx and offers the most incredible panoramic 360º views over the bay and countryside.


According to Guillermo “the property is owned by a British buyer who wanted the best possible views with absolute privacy” and it was from there that the idea of making the house “fly” came from – projecting the construction out from the hillside just as a “eagle jumping from it’s nest”!!


With this design the house distanced itself from the street while gave the design a feeling that it is “floating above the valley”.

Good luck to Guillermo and the team. Great guy, great practice!

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A beautifully presented villa in the Port of Andratx with stunning port and countryside views


A new Mallorca villa in Port Andratx is just a few minutes from the port offering beautiful views of the sea


A Port Andratx Villa that has been recently completely reformed. The house is overlooking the entire Port of Andratx


Port Andratx villa located at the highest spot of the area and and offers great panoramic views across the natural harbour of Port Andratx and towards the sea.


This villa in Port Andratx is located, directly opposite the yacht club, was lavishly renovated and comprises a former summer house that was one of the first houses in this location. From the various terraces you can enjoy the view of the port of Port Andratx.


A new Villa in Port Andratx with panoramic sea view over Cala Llamp and ready for occupancy by the end of 2017. Offers absolute privacy




Mallorca Property Market September 2017 – It’s a question of Supply & Demand!


The Mallorca property market continues powering ahead with both transaction levels and prices rising significantly.

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE) the first 7 months of the year saw total property sales transactions top the 9,600 mark, 19.8% more than during the same period last year. Interestingly this is almost entirely due to the sale of second hand rather than new properties, the former rising by 27% while the latter (new builds) actually falling by just over 5%.

But what is behind these figures?  The long and short is that there is a real supply problem right across the board. The new build sector is simply unable to meet the levels of demand due to the lack of land designated for new housing and, where it is available, it’s price. New development is almost exclusively concentrated in the mid to high level of the market and even then it just can’t meet the growing levels of demand. The consequence is that from the lower ends of the market (under 250,000€) where many first time buyers are found, or locals in the many relatively poorly paid jobs of the tourism sector, right the way through to the luxury villa end of the market dominated by foreign investors, buyers are having to resort to the second hand market to find stock.

Consequence? Prices are following suit and rising!

According to Idealista one of Spain’s largest property portal, in August alone prices of Mallorca, and the wider Balearic Islands, rose by 1.7% (traditionally a quieter month), while in July the increase was 2.7% and June 2.8%. In the 2nd quarter between March and June prices rose on average buy 7.5%, over 16% more than one year earlier. Perhaps unsurprisingly it was Palma that was leading the way in Mallorca with year on year price increases of 23%.

This begs the question, are these increases sustainable? The quick answer is “no”, if we want to know whether we will continue to get year on year increases of over 16% ,but if we are concerned about an overly inflated market that could go “pop”, then again I think the answer is no! Let’s look at the fundamentals:

  • The supply side is well and truly under control with planning regulations unlikely to change sufficiently to reverse this balance. What would be positive to see is politicians examining issues of density to see where these can be increased to both increase supply and allow more affordable homes, but without impacting on the existing character of the urban landscape.
  • Demand – it is difficult to see this materially changing in the short / medium term. The demand base is wide (local and international) all of whom will benefit as economic growth filters down to rising wages. I know one can cite the UK where inflation is running ahead of wage growth, but across the board generally, both in Spain and other areas from where buyers come from, it is likely that wages will start to rise and should at least keep pace with inflation
  • Is Sterling going to bounce back? Who knows but all this increase in transaction numbers has come at a time of a plummeting value of Sterling, home to the second biggest foreign market for Mallorca property! Should the correction in Sterling be over, and last weeks rise in the GBP be maintained, then that will only put an additional floor under that important segment of the market.
  • Holiday rentals, and whether one can or can not rent your holiday home in Mallorca, is another interesting variable. May sound strange to say this but I actually think that this uncertainty is very timely! The market just might have been moving into “steamy over drive” and if this causes a bit of a “pause” hopefully we can see growth sustained (ie slower but steady increases) without the “froth”!!
  • At certain levels of the market, particularly the lower ones effecting locals, there is an affordability problem. Something must give – supply needs to grow, and this will probably only realistically happen with changes to planning regulations to allow more density so cheaper properties can be offered, or demand needs to fall to stop the prices rising further. An increase on the supply side would in my mind be very positive as it would I believe act as a modest “brake” to the market. On the demand side I fear and sympathise for those effected but I do not believe this is a problem that could fundamentally destabilize the market, something one might imagine in other locations where demand predominantly local.
  • Banks are lending but without returning to the mal practices prior to the crash. Again this should help keep the market on track without contributing to any price bubble.

Conclusion? Expect the market to keep growing, all be it more steadily at least for the following 18-24 months (circa 10% per annum). Thereafter I think we might see a plateauing of prices (in real terms) but it is very hard to see any price correction in the foreseeable future.

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Port Andratx Luxury Villa for Sale


A partner of mine is representing the owner of this stunning Port Andratx property. It warrants a good showcase!

For me it comes to the market at a time when there is a shortage of the very best quality properties so I think it will sell in a reasonable time period.

Details are as follows:


For sale high Quality Finca Style Villa With stunning views To The Harbour In Port Andratx

6 Bedrooms / 7 Bathrooms / 660 m2 built / plot 2067 m2

A beautifully presented villa in the Port of Andratx with stunning port and countryside views. The property can be accessed by a beautiful stone staircase leading to the main entrance or by an internal staircase through the garage with two large parking spaces.

The distribution is as follows: – Ground floor: Beautiful kitchen with Gagganau appliances, laundry room, storeroom, all in an open and bright space with great views. The large main living room offers direct access to the main terrace with swimming pool, small gym with sauna and shower. First floor: – Master bedroom with bathroom en suite and dressing area, two guest bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and access to the terrace. There is also an office or 7th bedroom. There are two fully separate annexes on slightly elevated terraces comprising a bedroom and a bathroom in each plus a separate staff quarter with fully fitted kitchen. Basement: – Garage for 2 cars, several storage rooms.


Features: Internal/external sound system, under floor heating, air conditioning, Gagganau appliances, Dorn Bracht sanitary ware, high quality fittings and finishes throughout, Solid stone Floor tiles from a single quarry, Stone feature fountain. Stucco polish plaster finish to main house areas.

External: Solid stone facades, original Mallorquin roof tiles, cobbled stone squares, traditional Mallorquin stone walls, stone balustrades, Original timbers.

Price: €9.800.000.

For more information and to arrange a viewing please contact me

For more images see Luxury Port Andratx villa for sale



Apartments for sale in Old Town Palma de Mallorca

Living dining room 2

I love this well priced beautifully restored apartment, and new to the market, in Palma. Located very centrally just off the Calle Olms and within a stones throw of the Ramblas this property is a perfect little gem for someone wanting a home right in the heart of Old Town Palma, with easy access to all the lovely bars, restaurants, monuments etc but equally want a quiet situation.

main bedroomBig for me is the amount of light in a first floor apartment. Big windows throughout and double fronted to boot so all the rooms of lots of natural light!

The agency details are as follows:

Beautifully restored Old Town Palma apartment for sale in a very central yet quiet location. This 2 double bedroom, 2 bathroom first floor apartment is located on a corner plot and thus enjoys excellent natural light into all the main living areas and bedrooms.

en suite bathroomFilled with character – high ceilings, wooden beams and parquet floor, large shuttered windows with 3 small balconies etc. At the same time it has all the commodities you would want, fully fitted bathrooms and kitchen, central heating and air conditioning.

This is a must see property for anyone looking for a pied a terre or full time home in Palma.

For more photos click here – apartment for sale in Palma de Mallorca Old Town  

For an update regarding the Mallorca property market 2017 click here

Mallorca Property Market Update June 2017

Canyamel Mallorca

Yes I am still alive even though I have been keeping “radio silence” this year! Lots of reasons not least that I couldn’t think of much new to say when it comes to the Mallorca property market. The last two years have largely been about “more of the same” ie market conditions that have been steady and, most importantly, quite predictably improving, ie everyone could see where the market was going, driven by the following market fundamentals:

  • Demand had been growing across most price bands (trickling down from the top end towards the middle and lower)
  • The supply side was under control with very limited new development
  •  Credit / lending was slowly but surely coming back on stream
  • The legislative framework effecting the property market including new development was largely unchanged
  • The geopolitical situation including in particular, security, remained uncertain, driving demand in so called “safe havens” like Mallorca.
  • And last, but not least, the sun was still shining and the countryside and coastal beauty of Mallorca was unchanged and still stunning!!

These fundamentals were, month in month out, leading to steady increases in all the market indicators including:

  • Sales transaction levels
  • Rental transaction levels
  • Steady but controlled increase in new development (although very skewed to the higher end villa market)
  • Increases in mortgage lending across the board, but at lower LTV ratios than before the crisis
  • Increases in visitor numbers to the Island
  • General economic improvement of the local and Spanish economy (at least at a macro economic statistical level)
  • And all of the above led to increasing prices, sales and rentals.

If you look back at my comments on the Mallorca property market from 2015 – 2016 you will see what I mean. It was all becoming rather boring (in relation to what new could be said about the market!!!!). So I took a sabbatical, pondered issues that seemed rather more interesting and important, namely “life”, and generally contemplated why we are on this mortal coil, something I can strongly recommend you do before the time comes to “shuffle off “!!!!

Renewed and spurred on by the fact that life is impermanent, and one can never be sure when one’s last blog post will come, I decided to meditate on the Mallorca property market again and contemplate where everything stands! So here goes!!!

Wait for it……yes you are right more of the same!!! No I am only jesting, well partly jesting! So let’s take a proper look:

  • On the demand side growth has been steadily and surely growing. Part of that growth is from the international demand but another part from sectors of the local market that are recovering strongly spurred on by the fast growing economy and a more open and competitive  mortgage lending environment. Don’t be fooled that this means “manna” for all, if one analyses the situation socio politically, the Mallorca economy is still very much two tier – those who have and those who don’t. Economic growth is benefitting many but there is a large underclass that isn’t feeling the trickle down effect. Back to the economy…..
  • On the demand side we can conclude that in addition to consolidating it’s positive trend, growth in demand has broadened to all but the lowest price bands (these latter either no longer exist. What do I mean? ie prices have risen such that “low price” actually means “mid price”, at least in terms of affordability, or what is really “low price” is a sector of the market that has become “disconnected” from the main market, becoming one that is “residual” and limited to the very worst stock, in the worst and most marginalised areas, where even gentrification fears to tread!
  • One part of the demand side of the equation that has seen significant developments over the last 12 months, and has very much hit the fore, is that of rental demand and rental prices. With the boom in the local economy, driven largely by ever larger visitor numbers, we are witnessing what I would regard as real “market stress”. On the one hand visitors coming to the Islands, encouraged by the “Airbnb” revolution, have resulted in soaring demand, with rental prices following.  At the same time workers coming to Mallorca to serve the booming economy have equally driven the market upwards.
  • The result is one of real tension with properties being taken out of the medium and  long term market, that are needed for the workers and younger occupiers that can’t afford to buy,  and are being offered for holiday rentals. This has resulted in spiralling rental prices (and resultant problems of affordability and staff recruitment – workers can’t come if there is no where to live or the cost is prohibitive). Furthermore in apartment complexes there are increasing concerns about the co-existence of owner occupiers and holiday rental visitors.
  • Consequence? New legislation is in the pipeline that will seek to strongly control this whole segment of the market. Much more regulation and no more “free for all”. What does this mean? At the very least the speculative demand for housing that can then be rented for short term lettings will lessen, something that I welcome as a positive change that will release steam from the market and allow continued and sustainable growth. This will NOT trigger a market correction.
  • To the supply side. In many respects it is a matter of “more of the same” simply because levels of new development are still relatively low and I foresee no changes in the future. Planning controls are strict and, if there is an area of political consensus, it is that the Island must be protected. Some would put the “fully occupied” signs up already, while others want to find ways to release some new development land, but either way it will not be at levels to satisfy the demand in the foreseeable future.
  • Certainly there are no risks of a supply side speculative bubble arising to unstable the market!
  • On the issue of “speculation”, it is also worthy to note that statistics do not suggest  any material levels of “demand speculation” ie buyers purchasing and turning the investment in the short term. Most purchases seem to be in for the medium to long term.
  • Competitive mortgage finance is another area that is helping to drive the market but it important to say that these are generally what would be regarded as “low risk”, supported by sensible affordability and loan to value ratios. Again there are no suggestions of a credit driven price bubble arising.
  • This just leaves the geo-political back drop which sadly is no better than before and is only going to support visitor numbers to Mallorca. Whether one is looking for a place to go on holiday, a second home or a relocation, one looks for “safety” and, at least at the “relative” level, Mallorca offers that so expect visitors and buyers to continue flocking to the Island.

Conclusion? The market is growing strongly and the first 6 months of 2017 have done nothing more that to provide an even more stable environment for that growth. There are firm roots to this market – strong market fundamentals, as I have been describing above, so expect prices to continue rising.

Nice to be back!!

PS If you are looking to buy a property in Mallorca and would like the help of an unbiased local property expert and Charterted Suveyor (with a sense of humour) do please contact me to see how I can offer a stress free (well almost) one stop shop for your search and acquisition

Houses for sale in Es Capdella Mallorca


We are pleased to offer a number of different houses for sale in one of Mallorca’s most beautiful villages, Es Capdella.

Options include:

Stunning Beautiful 4/5 double bedrooms stone built property sitting on the edge of Es Capdella. Best location in town! Capdella house for sale

A large town house offered in excellent conditions but with the opportunity to modernise and upgrade into a stunning property. See Capdella town house for sale (enquire for further details)


A villa on the edge of the villa offering probably the best views in town. Sitting proudly looking over the village and surrounding countryside this 200m2 property could be doubled in size so offers the perfect opportunity to create your dream home on the outskirts of Es Capdella Mallorca. See Es Capdella Houses.

Another finca style house sitting on a large 2000m2 plot offering opportunity to extend and build a nearly 600m2 house with views over the village and out to Es Galatzo mountain. Contact us for details.

For other opportunities or for more details regarding this properties please contact us

Spectacular new sea view villas for sale in Alcudia, Mallorca


Just love these views and this location! Quiet residential area yet close to all amenities (2 mins drive or 10-12 mins walk) enjoying some of the best sea views Mallorca has to offer. Two swimming pools might seem a bit over the top but when you look at the roof top pool, BBQ and chill out area, and the separate main infinity pool in the garden and off the main terrace, you quickly forgive the extravagance of the architects!!!

Agency details read as follows:

luxury-new-build-villas-for-sale-in-mallorcaThese prestigious luxury villas are located within walking distance to the sea, in Alcanada, an exclusive residential area of Alcudia and enjoys stunning panoramic views of the open sea. The living area of 455 m2 disposes of 4 spacious suites (3 with terrace), a light-flooded living/dining area with open kitchen and access to the terrace with panoramic sea views, a home cinema, a wine cellar and a spa area with sauna, jacuzzi and gym. There are also a garage for 2 cars and a lift interconnecting all 3 levels. The outdoor areas of this luxury property offer a covered porch, several open terraces, an infinity pool of 48 m2 with panoramic sea views and a garden with lawns, trees and automatic irrigation.

sea-view-villas-in-alcudiaFacilities include: air conditioning hot/cold, underfloor heating, double glazing, fireplace, fully fitted quality kitchen and bathrooms, double garage, elevator, built-in wardrobes, home cinema, gym, sauna, jacuzzi, automatic irrigation and solar panels for the hot water.

In total there are four villas, one of them already being reserved. Construction will be completed in 2017.

For more images and details see New build sea view villas for sale in Mallorca

For more property for sale in Alcudia click here.

Please contact us for more details and any questions

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Country Houses for sale in Alaro Mallorca

Alaro is one of the most sought after villages for those looking for that piece of rural paradise in Mallorca. Nestled in the foothills of the UNESCO World Heritage Site designated Tramontana mountains, the village and surrounding countryside offers a wonderful environment for anyone looking for that combination of rural charm and tradition combined with sophisticated properties and good access to both the amenities of Alaro village as well as nearby Palma.

Here are just a few of the best properties we can offer for sale in Alaro:


This magnificent manor house dates back to the XVI century and has been completely renovated by the current owners with great attention to detail. It is located outside the picturesque mountain village of Alaro, on a beautiful plot of 20,000 m2, just 20 minutes by car from Palma. The main house has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. In addition there is a very large hall, on the upper floor, which could either be transformed into a guest area, or into another 2-3 bedrooms. In addition, there are various outbuildings, which can also be converted into additional living space. You may build a pool and the current owner will still apply for the corresponding building license. Price 3,950,000€

For further details and photos click here – Alaro manor house for sale


This exceptional stone-clad country house was built in 2012 on a hill plateau at the edge of the picturesque village of Alaro, enjoying amazing panoramic views over the entire center of the island. The elevated position and a plot of 20,000 m2 guarantee absolute peace and privacy, but at the same time the property is only a 15 minutes drive from Palma and the lovely centre of the village, with its nice cafes, restaurants and shops may be reached in 5 minutes by car. Price 3,800,000€

For further details and photos click here  – Alaro country houses for sale


This exclusive villa is located outside the idyllic mountain village of Alaro, only a 20-minute drive from Palma and enjoys a wonderful view of the mountains. The spacious living area is distributed over a main house and a guest house with 2 separate apartments and disposes of a total of 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms (4 suites with bathroom and dressing area). Furthermore the main house offers two entrance halls, a very large living dining room with fireplace, a separate kitchen with pantry, a laundry room and a lounge with panoramic views. The outdoor areas of the property feature a park-like garden with sweeping lawns, various open and covered terraces, a swimming pool overlooking the famous twin mountains of Alaro, numerous fruit and olive trees, a large patio, additional storage rooms and a garage for 2 cars. Price 2,800,000€

For further details and photos click here – Luxury Alaro fincas for sale


This typical Mallorcan country house is located on a private plot of 28,000 m2, at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain range, between Alaro and Santa Maria. The spacious living area consists of 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms (1 en suite), an impressive entrance hall, a very large living/dining area with fireplace, a separate kitchen with dining area, laundry room and storage room. In addition there are a huge garage and a bodega in the basement. The outdoor areas of the property offer an appealing pool area with sun terrace, summer kitchen and outdoor bathroom. as well as an expansive Mediterranean garden with various fruit and almond trees, lawns, several terraces and a large pond. Price 2,100,000€

For further details and photos click here –Alaro country house for sale


This beautiful stone house with history lies just outside the picturesque mountain village of Alaro, in the center of Mallorca. This typical Majorcan property is very privately located on a private mountain and enjoys a breath taking view of the valley and into nature. Besides the main house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, there is a guest house and 140m2 development reserve on the ground floor, which is currently used as a second garage. A unique property in an exclusive location with stunning views. Price 1,950,000€

For further details and photos click here – Rural Alaro house for sale


This luxury villa is still under construction and will be handed over completely finished, equipped with under floor heating or oil central heating, air conditioning hot/cold, fireplace, double glazing, electric entrance gate, swimming pool 12×5 meters and landscaped garden. It is located in an elevated position between Santa Maria and Alaro with a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside. The house offers a living area of 250 m2, spread over 2 floors. Additionally there is a basement of 160 m2, in which a separate apartment and a garage can be accommodated. Price 1,900,000

For further details and photos click here – New build country villa for sale in Alaro



This authentic village house of natural stone has been completely renovated, with great attention to detail and is located at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, in the picuresque village of Alaro, in walking distance to the center with its beautiful restaurants, cafes and shops. The house sits on a large plot of 2,400 m2, in an elevated position, enjoying amazing panoramic views over the entire village. The current owners have merged 2 old houses and tastefully refurbished them. Currently the house disposes of 7 bedrooms (including 3 with private terraces), 5 bathrooms (3 en suite), a large entrance hall, an open kitchen with adjoining dining room and living room with fireplace, as well as a second living room upstairs. Outside the property offers several terraces with barbecue area, 2 large swimming pools, one of which can be heated, a tennis court with floodlights, a small garden with lawn, a carport, storage room and utility room. Price 1,500,000€

For further details and photos click here – Luxury Alaro village house for sale

For other Alaro property for sale click here

Front Line and Sea View Properties for sale in Mallorca – Bendinat, Santa Ponsa, Port Andratx

luxury-sea-view-villas-for-sale-in-mallorcaIf you look back at my various articles and comments regarding the Mallorca market, not only recently but also when things were far from “rosy”, at the height of the so called “crisis”, you will know that I always maintain that, irrespective of overall market movements – up, down or “sideways”, there are properties, with certain underlying characteristics, that have historically outperformed any general trend. Looking forwards I see no reason for that to change and given that this very much is a market for buyers to take advantage of, I wanted to highlight just one of those market “sectors” – front line / top drawer sea view properties.

With planning controls as strict as they are, and the simple fact that there are very few plots available, one either has to work with the existing stock or purchase a property to demolish and rebuild if you really want a bespoke top quality home / investment. The result is demand far outweighs supply and it is difficult to see that changing in the foreseeable future. Expect values to go only one way, upwards, and above overall market trend.

As specialist Property Finders we work across the market so it is difficult to highlight options to suit all tastes and requirements but here are a few I have identified that seem worthy of further investigating. Please however feel free to contact me for a strictly private and confidential “no obligations” chat about your requirements and how we can take the stress out of your property search and purchase.

  • Bendinat

Front line villa with direct sea access in the prestigious location of Old Bendinat. Southwest facing. The net living area of 797 m2 (plus terraces). / bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room with TV lounge and wonderful out door terraces and pool area designed to offer total privacy. Price on Request

  • Portals

Two stunning sea view new build villas sitting behind Portals Nous. As one expects these days the properties will incorporate all the best building technologies with a  distribution and size perfect either for use as a full time home or second residences. The distribution will be over two floors plus basement totalling between 600 – 700 m2 on a plots of around 1100m2. The properties will have four en suite bedrooms, open plan kitchen/dining area, living room, guest toilet, secure garage parking, elevator, infinity pool and ample external dining and leisure space. Prices on Request

  • Santa Ponsa

New build villa, currently under construction offering a southern orientation and wonderful view of the seas and surrounding country. Accommodation offers open plan living – dining area, 6 bedroom and 6 bathrooms totalling 600m2. Outside one finds a large landscaped garden and swimming pool, while on the roof there is a second pool with sumptuous relaxation area. The property is equipped with the most advanced home automation / technology systems. Price 4,950,000€

  • Port Andratx

Mallorca property market 2015 - 2016Stunning harbour and the sea view modern villa, fully furnished, in Port Andratx. Open plan living and dining area with Bulthaupt kitchen but with the option to close areas off with sliding doors to create intimacy! Accommodation totals 429m2 and sits on a 1330m2 plots and comprises 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Other features include infinity pool and terrace with all day sun, rooftop terrace with jacuzzi and lounge, accessed from all floors by lift, and offering a panoramic views over the harbour. Home cinema, gym and sauna area and 3 car garage. Priced at 9,800,000€

Luxury “estate” villa totalling 1200m2 and comprising 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Probably the best property on the Island of Mallorca. Comprises a main house, separate guest house and staff apartment. The highest quality materials can be found throughout, combined with the latest in home automization technology. The property is located on a large south facing plot with panoramic views over Port Andratx. Priced 17,000,000€

  • Canyamel

Beautiful sea view villa with a living area of 284 m2 plus terraces and distributed over three floors, comprising  on the first floor two bedrooms with bathrooms en suite; the second floor -: living room with dining area, fully equipped kitchen, and an additional bathroom, and basement / lower ground floor 3 additional bedrooms,1 with en suite bathroom, and 1 seperate bathroom. Priced at 2,950,000€ 

For back ground information see details of our Mallorca Property Finding Services and some Client Testimonials.


Houses for sale in Es Capdella Mallorca

property-for-sale-in-es-capdellaWe have access to two very interesting off market investment opportunities in the sought after village of Es Capdella in South West Mallorca.

Both are perfectly located on the edge of the village enjoying sizable plots, privacy and wonderful mountain and village views, yet all within a few minutes stroll of the ever popular cafes and restaurants in the village centre. If you are looking for a traditional village setting and a real sense of “old fashioned community” Es Capdella is the perfect choice.

The first property is 100% liveable, but equally offers significant opportunity to extend (total circa 700m2 including pool an terraces) and upgrade, providing an excellent investment for someone that is looking for a traditional country finca / village home to their own design and specification.

The second is a large detached house exquisitely restored and updated to provide a magnificent home. Really ready to move into and “enjoy” from day one!


Interested? Please enquire for further details.

Although these two properties are not listed on our web site, for confidentiality reasons, to view other houses for sale in Es Capdella click here


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